12 Gauge Short Blanks with smoke. 25 Rounds

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25 rounds. Special use blanks. Used most in simulated grenade for police and military training. Can be used in shot guns for light loads.  Packed in zip bags. Color may be different than picture.


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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in

5 reviews for 12 Gauge Short Blanks with smoke. 25 Rounds

  1. Alvin Mccall (verified owner)

    Works great in the Armortek tank blank fire system

  2. William S Murdoch (verified owner)

    I have previously used 1″ 12ga blanks in an Olin flare gun to start and finish sailboat races. The website where I had bought them is now defunct, and I was unable to find them locally. I was thrilled to find them here, bought two bags, and used them in our fall series races. They were great… loud and the smoke visible marking the exact time the trigger was pulled. The Olin flare gun is much cheaper than a 12ga brass cannon and much less intimidating than a 12 ga shotgun. Perfect.


  3. Todd Knighton (verified owner)

    We use these in a sim-fire, 60mm mortar at WWII re-enactments and these are perfect. Just the right amount of bang and smoke.

  4. Andy Adams (verified owner)

    I screwed in the tripwire holder on my garage side door frame and made my own stainless steel cable to hook onto my door so you can only open it a foot to reach and disconnect the cable because I know where it is but when these go off they sound louder than an m-80 I would probably say closer to a m80 and a half. So the normal beef would not know anything about it but once they break in and open that door and that blows off I’ll just look for the pile of crap on the ground from them running away from my house

  5. Tre dad (verified owner)

    Fast and simple transaction! I paid! They shipped! I use in trip alarms.

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