12 Gauge Blanks with smoke 150 grain. 25 Rounds

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25 rounds. Max load in 12 gauge. Used when maximum sound and smoke are needed. For use in shotguns and cannons in excellent condition. Packed in zip bags. Color may be different than pictured

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in

2 reviews for 12 Gauge Blanks with smoke 150 grain. 25 Rounds

  1. Andy Adams (verified owner)

    So I thought I would try these in my double barrel shotgun, holy freaking cow they sound like a damned Cannon going off it echoed through my entire country neighborhood I could not believe how loud these are, I was crapping my pants thinking the cops were going to show up but they didn’t. I wouldn’t put them next to anything with a trip wire setup outside is fine. I guarantee you any burglar sneaking around your properly will shit their pants when they go off and run like hell

  2. Yzaias Vazquez (verified owner)

    Very loud and safe to shoot.

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