45 Long Colt Blanks. With smoke . Full load. 50 rounds

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50 rounds. The most popular cowboy load for reenactors. Packed in zip bags

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Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions .2 × .2 × .2 in

2 reviews for 45 Long Colt Blanks. With smoke . Full load. 50 rounds

  1. Taylor (verified owner)

    I was scared at first that these wouldn’t fit my Henry lever action, only do to With the fact that the blank adapter is set for a certain type of crimp. Talking with Dan and him getting measurements and assuring me that these will work in my gun I ordered a few hundred rounds, and when they got here they looked great but they can look great all they want, it matters how they function. I put 12 rounds in the magazine of my 1860 Henry lever action and they cycled through beautifully, not one malfunction in the gun. The cartridge is perfect length and I had zero issues with these blanks. I will be ordering more for sure. Also we used western stage props 45 colt before we started using perfect shot blanks. The charge in western stage props 45 colt wasn’t doing it for us, so we went with the perfect shot and they are exactly what we wanted. The team that works here is knowledgeable and shipping was incredibly fast.

  2. Howard Luken

    Bought 1000 rounds of these for my 1863 Gatling gun. Tons of smoke and noise! also a good deal cheaper than any other website carrying the same ammo. watch folks fire it in my video on the website.

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